Sustaining a spinal cord injury or being diagnosed with a spinal cord disorder is one of life’s most challenging events.Spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D) may prevent a person from doing things the “old” way, but it doesn’t prevent him or her from learning new ways to live. SCI/D requires an examination of goals, aspirations and skills. Learning new paths to independence, finding sources of self-esteem, and becoming part of new social systems are all part of successfully adapting to SCI/D. Spinal Network support groups can have a significant positive influence on efforts to adjust to SCI/D, particularly related to social interactions and self-management of daily health needs. Mentors can assist a peer to re-evaluate previous life and career goals to assist with day-to-day challenges of living with SCI/D, to help develop new interests and hobbies, set new goals and develop effective strategies for achieving these goals.

The Spinal Network is dedicated to establishing and managing a nationwide network of support groups. Together, with the partnership of The Buoniconti Fund, National Spinal Cord Injury Association and United Spinal, and thanks to the tremendous support from Hollister and VPG, we will create a movement to inspire all persons with spinal cord injuries and disorders to live life to the fullest by exploring a world of possibilities.

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To learn more about the SPINAL NETWORK support group program, contact the NSCIA's Resource Center at: or by phone to 800-962-9629

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